Frequently Asked Questions

We know first hand that insurance can be confusing. This is why we've created an easy-to-read library of answers to commonly asked questions.


You can make a payment by going to the "partners" website page on our site, then please select your insurance carrier.

You have a few different options to choose from which include, a mailed bill, credit card bill or eft drafted bill.

This depends on how close your payment is to the due date, we recommend that you call the carrier 14 days before your due date to cancel payments with enough grace.


If you are seriously injured then please contact the correct emergency team, if you are not so injured then please contact your insurance agent or insurance carrier to get the first report started.

To keep it fair we don't recommend any specific shops, but we can advise you to look for shops that offer life time warranty's, industry experience and solid reviews.

This is basically the amount you agree to pay in return for the insurance carrier making a payment on your loss. Usually a typical deductible ranges from 500,1000, to 2500.


We understand that nobody likes it when your rates increase, so we're going to share some reasons why rates increase in the first place. Low gas prices = more driving, newer cars = costly repairs, medical incidents = large settlements.

The best way to cancel your policy during business hours is by calling us. To cancel after business hours the best option is by email/text, please make sure the cancellation document includes the date of cancellation, name, policy number, date and signature.


Here's some of the typical discount features we look for:

Anti-Lock Brakes
Daytime Running Lights
Air Bags
Passive Restraint/Restraint

If you don't have any violations you could be eligible for a good driver discount.

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